Single & Double Storey

Retirees often prefer single storey homes because there are no stairs to worry about and they may wish to downsize from a larger home. Single storey styles are also popular with families with young children because it’s easier to keep an eye on the kids and again stairs will not pose any safety risk.

Families with older kids, however, may opt for a double storey design because they offer a better separation of living areas. Although the construction costs of double storey homes are usually around 10 – 15% higher, they can be built on smaller, more affordable lots.

Large single storey homes, on the other hand, often require bigger, more expensive blocks, which may cancel out any savings on building costs. As land becomes scarcer, larger blocks will continue to attract a premium price tag. “PIRAN” offers you a variety of either single or Double Storey based on your requirements and budget.