We can provide you with the best possible renovation plan and guide you through the entire process. We have the technical knowledge and expertise to provide all of the necessary drawings and obtain approvals from the relevant authorities.

By renovating your house you will be adding value to your most important asset which is your house. You will be able to obtain loan from your bank or Our selected Financier Broker much easier for home renovation.

Our house renovation includes:

  • Kitchen Remodelling
  • We handle all the details for your new kitchen. We are your architect, designer and builder Because you will never have to further complicate the process by hiring a separate architect and kitchen designer.
  • Bathroom Remodelling

The design of a bathroom is all in the details. We understand the joy of a functional bathroom, one where you aren’t cramped and uncomfortable. We also understand the importance and necessity of luxury details.

A “PIRAN” bathroom remodel combines function and luxury even when it seems like an impossible match.

  • Ageing- in-Place Remodelling

A lot of people wish to stay at home throughout their maturing years, and with ageing in place design, staying at home as long as possible is an easy reality. Ageing in place refers to living in your home safely, comfortably and independently no matter your age or ability level.

This is where “PIRAN” can carry out this change through simple, budget wise process for seniors.