Contract Options

“PIRAN” offers two different type of contracts to the client’s convenience:


  • LUMP SUM CONTRACT ( Turn key / Lock up )

Our design process allows us to account for your every need and every cent it will take to finish the project. Unlike other custom home builders, our company will let you know the absolute final cost of your custom home, home renovation, or home addition before breaking ground no surprises. We pay attention to every detail, so everything, from budget to timeline, is in black and white from the very beginning.



A cost plus contract is a contract under which a contractor is paid for all construction-related expenses, including materials and subcontractor charges, plus an agreed percentage or fixed sum to allow for a profit.

In this regard we usually present the clients 3 different quotations from different suppliers or subcontractors and the client will choose either among them or any other qualified trades or suppliers who prefers. You will also benefit the Builder’s price ( up to 25% less than Retail prices ) while we are providing all the materials from the suppliers under companies account .

Concurrently as to attempt to avoid a dispute, all invoices, quotes and costs will be accounted for and a complete record kept. All quotes obtained and payments made will be viewed by the Owner and lines of communication between the Owner and ” PIRAN ” will be kept open and on a monthly basis. This may minimise the chance of dispute.

The owner is entitled to view all quotes and a record of all payments made and may also query any payments made or materials purchased if the owner thinks that the cost is excessive So the owner can control every single purchase and also controls the budget in every step .

Our experienced consultants can provide you more information .