Ancillary Development

Ancillary Dwelling is sometimes called a “Granny Flat”.

This is essentially an additional dwelling, on the same land as the existing single house, which may or may not be physically attached, be limited in size to 70 sqm, be situated on a lot area of at least 450 sqm.

Granny flats perfectly suited either for active seniors wanting a less isolated alternative to a retirement village, allowing them to stay close to their children and grand children or a good option for older teenagers or young adults, giving them the opportunity to be practically self sufficient, whilst allowing them to save money by remaining “at home”. So it is a great option that allows parents to give their young adults a hand as they make their own start in the world. Allowing young family members to have the option of saving money by staying in the family home, whilst still allowing everyone to have their own space.

“PIRAN” offers you the best consulting process to make your dream to become a reality.

Our team is always available to listen to your concerns and answer questions at any stage of the project, from initial discussions, conceptual designs, to middle of the night ‘what ifs’.